What is Filebase and How do you use it?

Objective: introduce the Reader to the GameDevHQ Filebase Unity plugin.

As a new developer learning the ropes, I often find myself getting super excited about an idea in my head, proceeding to track down cool assets from the web before writing a single line of code. Then the ideas change, and I’m left with a selection of tailored assets which may, or may not, be eventually implemented into future projects.

This poor strategy of mine, of course, has come at a cost.

Thankfully, GameDevHQ, the organization mentoring me through the Professional Unity Developer program, has this Unity plugin available called “Filebase” which gives you access to thousands of project-ready assets.

You can read up further via the following link

To install Filebase, you need to download the Unity package (4.1.0.unitypackage is the latest version) and import it directly into Unity.

Once installed, the plugin will be visible on your toolbar…

Select “Open” and the Filebase window will open up.

You can simply interact with Filebase in this manner, or dock the tab in your Unity layout environment for easier access.

Simply type in what you are looking for in the search field, or use the drop-down for easy navigation.

You can view everything that Filebase has to offer free of charge, but once you find an asset you wish to use, you will be prompted to log into your account in order to gain access to the asset package.

Signing up is pretty easy and the pricing options are more than affordable for the quality of the assets, ease of use, and integration.

The asset (in my example, the A-10 aircraft) will then be available to import directly into your project.

Et voila! One beautiful A-10 Warthog is ready to rain down destruction in your game project.

So this was Filebase in a nutshell. Affordable and easy to use.

Thanks for reading :)



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Michel Besnard

Michel Besnard

Military member with 35+ years of service, undertaking an apprenticeship with GameDevHQ with the objective of developing solid software engineering skills.