Objective: Implement a collectible secondary weapon system to your Unity 2D Space Shooter style game project which allows the player to fire lasers laterally for a limited amount of time.

Let’s set the scenario:…

So far, our little spaceship is equipped with a standard dual laser cannon and has a…

Objective: Implement a new weapon to your player’s arsenal in your Unity 2D Game Project. Make it smart. It should be able to detect, track and destroy any enemy game objects present in the game scene.

Part 1 — Creating the 2D Sprite and setting up the logic in the PlayerScript and the Enemy scripts.

Thus far, our little spaceship can only defend itself with its dual laser canons…

Objective: allow the Player’s shield to sustain multiple hits before failing, with visual feedback after each hit to indicate diminishing shield effectiveness.

Shield PowerUp.

In my current version of the GameDevHQ Space Shooter Unity 2D Game Project, my Player occasionally gets an opportunity to collect “shield” powerups. This shield, once activated, permits…

Michel Besnard

Military member with 33+ years of service, undertaking an apprenticeship with GameDevHQ with the objective of developing solid software engineering skills.

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